WinParCom v2.1 is a shareware program that allows you to transfer files from one computer to another via direct cable connection (using parallel port) ; but this application is for MS Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP.

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for impatient

system requirements

about the program

about the cable

about the license

for impatient:

STEP 1. download:

1.1. WinParCom.ZIP

STEP 2. Installing

    1. Unzip

    2. run WPCSetup.exe

STEP 3. Using

Note: I assume that you have two computers connected via direct cable on parallel ports.

3.1. Run applications on each computer

3.2. Click on Check Port button (on each computer)

3.3. On the first computer click on Send File button (and choose a file)

3.4. On the second computer click on Recv File button

3.5. Wait a while and the file will be transferred

system requirements:

- 486 PC (minimum). Pentium or higher recommended
- Windows 95/98/ME, NT (v4.0 or later) , Windows 2000 or Windows XP
- VGA or Super-VGA monitor
- 4 MB (minimum) of free disk space
- A mouse or equivalent pointing device

about program:

So far transfer speed is about 23.5 KB/sec between 486 50MHz and Celeron 375MHz. Speed depends on processor so it should be faster on faster computers. Also, if you want faster transfer rate close other applications which use a lot of processor's time.
Don't worry about address of parallel port. One of the WinParCom feature is port's address recognition.

Note: If you are having problems with connection:

First of all: please check the cable (especially) if the cable is hand
made (by your self).

Second : It is possible that you need to click more then one time on check
port button (on one computer); it happened on my computers less than 1 of
ten times.

I have checked my connection and this problem accrued once of cca. 15 times;
this is one of problems that I was not solved , so far, and it is about
handshake algorithm.
Anyways, I assume that this problem accrues more frequently if one of the
machines is slower (very slower) then the other one.

So, second suggestion : first click on check button on the slower computer,
then on faster; if they are not connected then click again on check port
button on faster computer.

If this don't help you then you need to use brutal force and close winparcom
on both computers and open them again and try it again.

About version 2.1

Sunday Nov. 03 2002. 4:05 AM (CET)

About version 2.1.1

I uploaded New version (Note: in app still stands ver 2.1) with much better handshake (and I guess that there will not be any troubles with this).

BTW: troubles was accrued on two machines which are very different in speeds (ex. 486 and PIII).

I did this after I checked votes on

I kindly ask you that if you have any suggestion or if you notice any bugs, please first let me know. E-mail me on or or pedro@ptt.yu

If you have some ideas about some helpful features which WinParCom should have, please let me know.

Right now I assume that I should write something like DosParCom. An Application which would be compatible with WinParCom, but for Dos. I guess that it could be very helpful in very rare but important situations like: when some notebook have damaged OS and when you need to rescue the data.

If you think that this is good idea, also let me know.

If I receive, lets say, 10 e-mails which supports this idea I will write DosParCom :).

about cable:

cable is very standard , known as:

LapLink/InterLink Parallel Cable

Will work with:

- LapLink from Travelling Software

- MS-DOS v6.0 InterLink from Microsoft

- Windows 95 Direct Cable connection from Microsoft

- Norton Commander v4.0 &v5.0 from Symantec

For those who wants to make one:

You will need 2x DB25 Male connectors with cases and 2-3 m of cable with 12 wires.

2 ---> 15

3 ---> 13

4 ---> 12

5 ---> 10

6 ---> 11

15 <--- 2

13 <--- 3

12 <--- 4

10 <--- 5

11 <--- 6

19 ----- 19 GND (18-25)

about license:

WinParCom v2.1 is shareware program; that means :

You can use it for 14 days with no obligations. If you continue to use it you must register, that is, to pay 15 USD . This version has “Send Folder” restriction. If you register this version you will not have any obligation for any future versions.

If you would like to register please visit


Copyright © 2002 Dragoljub Perisic. All rights reserved.


January 11th 2003.

Application TestParCable is now available ; You can use this Program to check if a cable (and connection) is good.

More informations you can find in TestCableReadMe.txt .

New version of WinParCom will be finished by the end of January. After that I will do my best to make DosParCom.