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PDJDBGridEx v.4.51




The PDJDBGridEx it is new generation of data award components for Delphi. Like improved replacement for native vcl TDBGrid component with much more features than standard TDBGrid component, providing totally new properties and very easy to use and learn in design time and run time. With this component you can create very effective applications. This component can replace to many data award components on form and make yours work to be easy and simple. Everything in one place is main attribute of this component. Maybe you sometimes want to put calendar, show graphic or memo field, show progress instead numeric value or change monotony color of grid lines on standard TDBGrid and you fall to do this, with this new PDJDBGridEx component you have all this and more. This component is created for Borland and Code Gear Delphi version 5-2007, perfect working on all version's of windows. 

Component PDJDBGridEx is based on TDBGrid, have all features from regular TDBGrid with next additional features:

full XP themes support
flat look of cells
gradient titles of columns
display memo fields
display Blob Graphic directly in cell. Image will keep original constraint ratio
display sort arrow on a columns titles
display rows in different colors, user can change index of colored rows
dropdown calendar for date-time fields
check box for boolean fields
display gradient or solid progress bar with percent value for a numeric fields
display value of numeric field like images
display images on titles of columns
draw ellipsis when text doesn't fit width of column
set color of grid lines
set color of cell selections
different height of grid rows and titles row
set char case of text of title and grid rows
save grid values in to files (*.html, *.csv, *.txt)
supports mouse wheel events
save or load user resized grid columnís widths and positions to .INI file
display text in cell in word-wrap or ellipsis style
display separators in titles

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