King Diamond

(Iris) In your early days you mentioned to the press that you cursed Manowar...
What!? Iíve never mentioned that! (points to Bill Zebub) That must be one of his little things! Iíve heard that they thought I did that... probably because they had a very bad conscience about certain things they did to Mercyful Fate during an early tour in Ď83. But weíve played with them since.

Thereís a story from your first American tour in which your bus became stuck in a swamp, and when some band members came back they had huge spiders..
Well see... (laughs) kinda true... the guys were checking out.. the bus had gone down on the axle in the back, and the two guys when they came back had a couple of big spiders sitting on their pants. So wee wiped them off and closed the bus up. When this guy came from the record company he told us that it was good we hadnít gone out exploring because it was a major gator area.

Is it true that you warn your band members not to disrespect any women? 

Does this apply to groupies?
Anything. I mean, I donít want to see a guy whoís trying to get laid.. heís not getting laid, gets pissed off and throws a girl off the bus or treats her like shit. I donít want to see that crap. Everyone who comes to the show are fans. I donít care what they do or what they are or what they look like. Just fucking treat them with total respect. 

(Iris, making a face to the video camera..) Donít you think it hurts the band when one of the members has a short haircut.. like a soap opera actor?
So many bands have that today. I donít think looks matter that much. You canít judge anybody by that side anyway.

(Bill Zebub) have you had a problem with human bones in America? Is it illegal to have them?
No! I hope not. I would collapse if I didnít have them.

(Bill Zebub) No, I mean the bones of your mike stand... (incidentally, King allowed me to hold the bones of his mike cross, and I felt like I was wielding the scepter of rulership).
No, no. We had a problem with the goat skull in Argentina.

(Iris) Canít you just lie and say that itís plastic?
(Bill Zebub) King doesnít lie.
(laughs) Right! Thatís one thing... but the other thing is, I think you can tell. That stupid little goat skull, they freaked over that because any bone or horn you canít take out of the country. So they had these experts come. 

(Iris) Is it true that...

(Iris, laughing) Ok, next question. Have you ever intentionally put yourself in an altered state of consciousness?
Once, yeah, with a crystal ball. But of course I did it wrong. I lit a candle instead of having normal outdoor light coming in. I set the alarm clock for 45 minutes, and when it went off, no way! I canít believe this. It was a very weird nice relaxing feeling afterwards. But I couldnít see this ball. All of a sudden it was just black. It was supposed to be blue. 

(Iris) well that might be tied in with...
Thatís enough. (King gets up as if to leave, but he was just kidding and grabs a pack of cigarettes)

(Iris) throughout your career youíve been describing paranormal experiences. Was any of that true, or were those just events in your lyrics?
All lies. (laughs) No, no. Iíve seen all that shit. My place in Copenhagen was big-time haunted, seriously. Whenever something happened I would always search for some kind of logical explanation for it. But how do you explain three people seeing a glass floating up in thin air, full of beer? We didnít say a word for the first couple of minutes.

(Iris) Did you pretend not to see it?
There was now way to pretend... if you pretended (King whistles nonchalantly while Iris cracks up) everybody would laugh at you. You didnít see that? Thatís what got me to borrow some books about the occult and read up on some things, which didnít give me a whole lot, actually. But Iíve seen a lot of things. Things would move around. A couple of guys from Metallica... Iím pretty sure they would remember... Lars and James, when they recorded either Master of Puppets or Ride the Lightning, they were rehearsing in our rehearsal room and they came by one night, and Timmy was there, the bass player... and he had an American girlfriend over to visit... and he was sitting in the living room, and Lars and james and I were sitting by the bedroom playing a foosball game to leave them alone for a while. I heard this big bang from the living room. I opened the door and heís just sitting on the couch. (King imitates Tim asking ďWhatís going onĒ and it cracks Iris up) All the bottles were turned over. And itís not just there. Things happen on the road, and the studios as well.

(Iris) You got to meet your favorite Grimoire Girl Natalia.
Very nice girl. She brought her boyfriend. They were both really cool people. They came to the show in Toronto. They were supposed to do an interview, but I donít think there was a tape recorder present. (We all laugh)

(Bill Zebub) Sheís Polish.
What does that mean?

(Bill Zebub) Itís funny that sheís Polish, and she goes to interview you and she does not have a tape recorder. Iíll just leave it at that.
Now we have had some good times in Poland... really good times.

(Bill Zebub) Iím sorry. That might have seemed like I wanted to trap you into insulting Natalia. But thatís not what I meant.
Oh yes, thatís exactly what you meant, but you did not succeed. 

(Iris) Regardless, Natalia really enjoyed your company. She was quite taken with you.
They were really cool people. It was fun sitting and talking. They were going to try to make it up to Montreal. I donít think they made it.

(Bill Zebub) They didnít make it because one of them is Polish. Iím just kidding. She knows Iím like that.
(Scolding) Iíve never seen you behave like that before. (Iris cracks up).

(Iris) Messiah Marcolin told Bill Zebub that on the album The Eye itís all a drum machine. A drummer named Chris Hawkins said that the style of drumming didnít match Snowy Shaw at all.
I wonder what he would know about it since he was not even part of it. He probably has talked to Snowy, and Snowy was like (King imitates Snowy, cracking up Iris again). He was playing on electronic drum pads, and thatís why you hear a very consistent sound. O

This interview was videotaped, and is only a fraction of what occurred. You can view the entire interview, as well as other interviews.  This interview was meant for public access tv. This interview was fun and light-hearted, differing from the usual respect paid to the King. The video is available for $8 Grimoire PO Box 1987 Clifton NJ 07011