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AdRefiner 2.4.2

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Ever been distracted by animated Ads while reading yours favorite news site? If you think that ads can be useful, but you just hate ads which screams at you and  if you are not fond of idea that you should install, yet another, application which monitors yours  internet connection then you should try AdRefiner.
AdRefiner is simple and powerful compromise solution for internet Ads. It is an image processing, stand alone application, which presumes that you are using internet browser (any kind), on yours Windows (any version) and constantly tracks for animated ads and covers them as they appears. AdRefiner does not control data flow through yours internet connection, so there is absolutely no chance not to get all data from internet.
Ads refining should be understand in next sense: animated ads are distracting and AdRefiner will recognize and cover them. Non animated ads are not distracting and AdRefiner will not cover them.


  AdRefiner 2.4 - Premium Multimedia Product at Mayzer.com


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    Download AdRefiner (2.4.2)    
    System requirements:

Minimal for Partial functionality: CPU: 80486 class (50MHz), Windows 95

Minimal possible for full functionality: CPU: Pentium I (100Mhz), Windows 98 and Mouse with wheel

Minimal recommended for full functionality: CPU: Pentium III (1GHz), Windows 2000 and Mouse with wheel

Recommended: CPU: Pentium III (1.7GHz+), Windows XP and Mouse with wheel



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